Trading in any investment opportunity that may generate profit requires BFP Markets customers to deposit money on their online account. Profits may be withdrawn from the online account

You, the client, have to perform all the deposits from a source (e.g. single bank account). If you want to start trading, you should make sure this account is in your country of residence and in your name. In order to certify that a SWIFT confirmation is authentic, it has to be sent to BFP Markets to confirm the origin of the money which will be used for trading. If you don’t comply with this WD policy, you may be prevented from depositing the money via Bank/Wire Transfer.

The minimum deposit to open an account is 200 USD/EUR and the maximum deposit is 5,000 USD/EUR.

Depositing and withdrawing your funds via e-wallets is quick and easy.
Currently we support more than 20 digital methods.
Please check with your Account Manager for more details.

After the client made his first deposit and above we will ask our traders to send us for the following documents in order to validate your account, within ten business days.

A photocopy of your valid passport, driver’s license, or national identification card
A utility bill or bank statement from the last two months with your address clearly shown.
A photocopy of the front of the credit card which you used to make your deposit.

The Company strives to provide its customers with the best tools for trading, including introductory guidance for the live trading environment, education on the markets, and a written daily analysis on the Company website. The Company does not manage or advise on investments. The Company allows you to trade in highly speculative investments which involve a significant risk of loss. Such trading is not suitable for all investors so you must ensure that you fully understand the risks before trading.
Further, The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of information or content provided by third parties, including site and information linked to or presented in this website.
For queries concerning policy matters, please contact us at any time.

Please note this policy cannot be exhaustive, and additional conditions or requirements may apply at any time due to technological changes, experience, regulations and policies, including those set in order to prevent money laundering.

The first step to start trading is to open an account and this process, simple as it is, requires you to enter some personal data such as your first and last name, email and phone number. Additional details, as well as proof of identity will be required of you at this time. You will be required to provide copies of ID, passport and photograph, and other documents in accordance with any policies, laws or regulations that require such documents to be delivered. Furthermore, in some jurisdiction you may also need to submit financial information, investment experience and risk tolerance, all as may be required under law. No withdrawals will be processed until you submit all required documents. BFP Markets will maintain the privacy of all your personal data we collect, including age, occupation or marital status. Each account holder will be able to use one credit card per account.

In order to have unrestricted access to the trading account and be able to trade with ease, these documents and information may be required. There is no obligation on your part to submit them, but if you don’t, you won’t be able to open the account and trade online. Additionally, it is important to keep us informed about your personal data as soon as something important changes, so your profile will always be up to date, and as required under any law.

We collect this information to administer and operate services, prevent fraud, defend our legal rights and for the purpose of compliance with regulations regarding the services we provide BFP Markets policies guarantees that your personal information will not be sold, rented or traded, and won’t be disclosed unless the following conditions occur or for the purposes set out above. We share information with the associated firms and other persons processing your personal information or with banks and clearing houses in order to deliver the products and services you need for trading.

When there is any suspicion of fraud or breach regarding the trading performed by the user, this policy allows us to disclose your private data as needed, including to credit reference and fraud prevention agencies. The same applies for the national and international enforcement bodies and courts when they require this kind of information, as laws and regulations demand.

Funds appearing on clients’ account may include agreed or voluntary bonuses and promotions.

BFP Markets offers different Bonus schemes, from time to time, which vary depending on the account type and the deposited amount.

Those Bonuses and/or promotions, or any other sums not directly deposited by the Client or gained from trading on account of actually deposited funds are Non-Deposited Funds (“Non-Deposited Funds”). Please note unless otherwise explicitly agreed, Non-Deposited Funds are not available for withdrawal, unless certain conditions are met, including, without limitation the followings:

a performance of a minimum number of trading transactions;
a minimum volume of trading;
deposits in certain amounts.

In order to process your withdrawal request, you must:

Client will log in to his account through the website, click on withdrawal, fill up the information and fill up the withdrawal information.
Sign the withdrawal form.
Send the form to us via e-mail as a scanned image (JPG, GIF, PNG, non-password protected PDF) to.
All compliance documentation must have been received and approved by BFP Markets compliance officer in order to proceed with the withdrawal.
Beneficiary Name must match the name on the trading account. Requests to transfer funds to third party will not be processed.

he time it takes for the money to reach your credit card or bank account that has been used to deposit funds may vary (usually up to five (5) business days). Note that it might take longer for withdrawals, especially to bank accounts, inter alia, due to the additional security procedures in force.

The request will generally be processed by BFP Markets within 2 business days of receipt. In order to avoid any delays please review your information carefully before submitting your request. BFP Markets assumes no responsibility for errors or inaccuracies made by the account holder.

Corresponding withdrawals will take 3 to 5 business days to process. BFP Markets cannot monitor and is not responsible in any way for the client’s Credit Card Company or bank’s internal procedures. Client must follow up with the credit card or respective bank independently.

Funds are released to your credit account once your credit card merchant has debited the funds from our account. This process may take up to 5 business days or more to reflect on your credit card account balance. If you do not have online access to your credit card, it should appear on the next billing statement(s) depending on your card’s billing cycle.

Please note clearly that we are not committed to any time frame set above. It is explicitly agreed that a total delay of up to 30 calendar days shall not be deemed as breach, under any circumstances. Any additional charges imposed by third parties shall be deducted from the deposit or the withdrawal, as applicable.

Additional Charges: If the receiving bank uses an intermediary bank to send/receive funds, you may incur additional fees charged by the intermediary bank. These charges are usually placed for transmitting the wire for your bank. BFP Markets is not involved with and nor has any control over these additional fees. Please check with your financial institution for more information.

For Credit card deposits, when you choose an account in a different currency than USD (United States Dollar), your credit card will be debited properly in accordance with amount deposited and the applicable exchange rates. In addition to the exchanged sum deposited, additional credit cards fees may apply (as a result, in such cases you may notice discrepancies between the sum of deposit and the sum charged on your credit card). Customers must accept these slight variations that can occur and won’t try to charge this back.

If you have used a credit card to deposit money, performed online trading and decide to cash in on your winnings, the same credit card must be used.

Amount of withdrawal per credit card is only allowable to an equal amount of money deposited per credit card or less. Greater amounts must be wire-transferred to a bank account.

There is no fee to withdraw via credit card.

Your Account may comprise of different currencies. These will be subject to the following conditions:
We may accept payments into the account in different currencies and any payments due to or from us and any net balances on the account shall be reported by us in the respective currency; The account is maintained in US Dollars (“Base Currency”) and any other currency will be converted at the exchange rate existing at the point of conversion (“Exchange Rate”); if the client send funds in another currency than his account’s currency, we will apply an exchange rate to our discretion.

We will generally settle trades or perform any required setoffs and deductions in the relevant currency where the account comprises such currency ledger, save that where such currency balance is insufficient, we may settle trades in any currency using the Exchange Rate.

Please note this policy cannot be exhaustive, and additional conditions or requirements may apply at any time due to regulations and policies, including those set in order to prevent money laundering. Please note any and all usage of the site and services is subject to the Terms and Conditions, as may be amended from time to time by BFP Markets, at its sole discretion.

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